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I absolutely love this time of the year, it’s my favorite and for so many reasons, the magic of the season, the giving, the decor, the lights, etc, and also for …the Starbucks holiday drinks. I don’t purchase a lot of Starbucks coffee throughout the year, the occasional frappuccino or Americano for a good pick me up, but when fall rolls around, I head to my nearest Starbucks to start the season off with PSL’s! I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Graham Cracker lattes…oh my!! Even with all the fall greatness, the Christmas drinks are a staple and are Delicious.

Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we~

Gingerbread Latte – amazing, always a yearly favorite and great if you have it make with the Christmas Blend Espresso. Gingerbread flavoring, espresso, milk, topped with whipped cream and nutmeg. Perfection. Hot or Iced

Chestnut Praline Latte – even the title screams festive and holiday! Espresso, steamed milk, caramelized chestnut flavor and holiday spices topped with whipped cream and spiced praline crumbs. My opinion is that it tastes like an over nutty hazelnut latte, still good, but not fantastic. Hot or Iced

Peppermint Mocha – Espresso, steamed milk, sweet mocha sauce and peppermint syrup, taste like a hot chocolate with peppermints. Extremely tasty and very Holiday tasting!!! I like to order this when I have a craving for hot chocolate. Hot or Iced

Caramel Brulee Latte – Signature Starbucks latte with caramel brulee flavored sauce, whipped cream and caramel brulee topping. I think this one taste a bit like movie theater popcorn butter, a little sweet for me but it’s still yummy. Not exactly Christmas flavored though.

Eggnog Latte – A combination of steamed eggnog and espresso topped with nutmeg. Hot or Iced. Haven’t had the guts to try this yet, not really a eggnog girl!

Holiday Spice Flat White – NEW NEW NEW and heavenly! I saved the best for last! This gorgeous drink is a perfect mixture of Christmas blend Espresso, steamed milk infused with cinnamon, ginger and cloves. This is my new favorite Christmas drink, a definite must try!

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