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My husband calls us modern-day pioneers exploring the land and adventuring across the US in our trusty covered wagon aka the Honda Pilot. He’s so cute. He absolutely loves to travel, I think he’s part gypsy. I wish I shared in his enthusiasm more but most of the time I’m just overwhelmed and anxious with packing and making sure everyone is happy in our travels. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel but it can become super stressful at times.

Before every trip, I go out searching for tips and tricks of travel.  I always come across the same sites but I still check every time.  Maybe I’m looking for that one idea that will make our travels super easy. Most blogs out there gear travel towards having small kids but I have two preteens and on this trip a 17 year old in the car as well.


For all trips I pack everything in Shacke Bags. If you haven’t tried Shacke Bags, please give them a shot. They are great! You can pack so much stuff into these little bags, makes organizing quick and easy and even keeps the clothes wrinkle free!  You can divide clothes by person, type or by day, whatever floats your boat. The way I sort clothes depends on what type and how long of a trip we are taking. This trip is 10 days, 10 states road trip.

This trip I packed ‘go bags’ for our drive only days. We had 4 days of nothing but driving and quick overnight stays. It was super easy to grab the go bag and bathroom bag out of the car and not have to dig through the roof topper. Go bags had shirts, underwear and gym shorts (leggings for me) placed in one slim Shacke Bag per day. Dirty clothes from the day before were then placed in this bags when finished…perfection!

Outside of go bags, each person got a large 31 bag. I was able to pack all of the boys items in one bag and was able to combine Shawn and I’s clothes into a deluxe 31 tote. Ashlyn got her own bag. The car was packed according to this as well. All 31 bags went in the roof topper while the go bag, bathroom bag and electronics went in the car for easy access.

One medium size bag had all of my shorts and leggings (8-10 pairs) and one had all of my shirts/tanks (10)
The medium bag on the left had roughly 14 boy/teenage sized shirts. the small bag (middle) had 14 pairs of boy underwear along with about 8 pairs of boys socks (men size) the large bag had 10 men size shirts and plenty of room to add more!


Car organization and snacks

We have learned from past experiences to pack plenty of yummy snacks, not always healthy choices and plenty of entertainment. Make sure snacks and entertainment are within reach of little hands.
Snacks include trail mix, chips, sunflower seeds, lunch meat, water, Gatorade and string cheese, oh and Famous Amos cookies. Love them!!! We make our own trail mix because we are pretty picky and we all ending up digging through the bags (peanuts, pistachios, chocolate chips, craisins, pine nuts). Everyone will get snacky after a few hours in the car. All snacks were thrown into yet another Thirty One bag (blue one in picture shown below). I also made a grab and go car sick/medical bag. The bag had paper towels, wipes, motion sick medicine, Benadryl, plastic grocery bags.

From left to right\\camera bag, kids backpacks, laptop bag, bathroom bag, go bag, Ghirardelli Chocolate bag
The best purchase we have ever made – the roof topper! look at all those Thirty One bags!
grab and go puke kit!

Each child also gets their own box, like a pencil box just a little bigger.
For the boys, pocket post brain games, a book for each (Eli- who was Albert Einstein and E – Molinas), a few pencils, a new pack if baseball cards, Pokemon cards and a pack of gum.
For the teen: an adult coloring book, colored pencils and even more gum.
The boys ripped into the Pokemon and baseball cards immediately upon getting into the car.

Don’t forget electronics, iPads and movies. The pilot has a DVD player and we stock the car with dvd’s.   You can never over pack when it comes to entertainment. We have one of those old school 90’s cd/dvd books, They are perfect for the car!

image image

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