Heavy Heart

I have a heavy heart today, I’m sad and frustrated. I’m so sick of seeing all of the negativity in this country. The fighting, the racism, the judging. From the National Anthem to judging people on their parenting skills, who are we to judge?

We live in a fantastic country, one where we are free to express ourselves, however, no one is actually free to express themselves without being judged.

My opinion on things that are going on right now:

Law enforcement officers. People…If you are being pulled over or being questioned by the cops, don’t be belligerent. Just do what they are asking. Don’t keep walking, don’t reach for anything. Be respectful. They have a job to do and need to make it home to their families as well. I’m not saying they do everything right, there are bad seeds in every bunch and good ones have made mistakes. I do believe they are fearing for their lives right now, a lot of Americans are.

The not-so-peaceful protests. What are you doing? Points can be made without violence. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I can admit I was really angry and put off by the athletes sitting and kneeling during the National Anthem. However, the athletes have every right to do so. This is the freedom that was given to them. My opinion? I think it’s disrespectful to the men and women that have severed and died to give them that freedom. But that is only my opinion and that’s ok.

I saw a lady on yahoo and Instagram today, a hairstylist who colored her child’s hair. This lady is receiving extremely negativity comments as far as to say she is a bad mother. Who are you to say she is a bad mother?

And…the media. What can be said about the media. I blame the media for most of our problems. The media reports and plays on peoples emotions, it spins the information and only gives partial truth. The media is feeding the hate.

What I listed are several completely different topics but it goes to show that we as a society we are being hateful over small meaningless things such as an Instagram post to something huge like unnecessary deaths of our citizens.

What has happened to our country? My heart hurts and is sad for our Nation. We have to stop the cycle. Stop the violence, stop the racism, stop judging others. Why do we think it’s ok to be ugly and disrespectful to everyone? What kind of world are we raising our children in? What are we teaching them? All I have is questions right now…no answers

I know I tell my kids to be nice to each other, be respectful, be kind, yet all they see in this world negativity.  I hope that Shawn and I are doing enough at home to keep our children from becoming hateful adults.

Please be kind to one another, do a good deed for someone, spend some time with your families. Be nice!

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