Hate: A Note to My Boys

My heart is aching for you. I never thought that you would be growing up in a time where our country would be so divided. We live in the best country there is. Unfortunately, over the last few years our country has been on a slow decline and I believe the election was just too much for us all to handle.

Its terribly sad it had to come to this and I truly hope we can pull ourselves out of this mess. When I say mess, I don’t mean Trump or bans, I mean hate. Our country has been consumed by hate for one another.

People are choosing to be purposefully hateful and to hurt others. People that I love and care about have become hostile with their opinions.  Some friends and family are falling silent as to not become victim of losing friends or coworkers because of differing opinions. The others are just spewing hate from their mouths, no matter who it hurts or the damage it’s causing to friends, family and our Nation. 

I have tried to stay silent, I have tried to stay off of social media and the news channels, but it’s hard. I’ve been defeated by the hate and right now I want it gone. I don’t want to be sad, I don’t want to feel hate. I also don’t want to feel like my voice doesn’t matter and I mostly don’t want you boys to suffer.

We have tried to raise you with love, an open mind, an open heart, without hate or discrimination against others. I have tried to wait this out. I have not spoken to you lately about all the evil in the world today but I fear you are hearing much worse from your friends, social media and the news.  Please form your own opinions and not those of others, even me. You are strong enough to ask questions, let’s talk about the good and the bad. We can have an adult conversation about what is going on. I won’t judge or be bias. I just want you happy, to love and to be loved.


Treat ALL people with respect, men, women, children, elderly, ALL people.

We are all different! We are unique and that should be celebrated. Race, culture, shape/size, sexual orientation,  religion. We are all just people. We are human. The person inside, the heart, the love, that’s what matters. Be good to everyone. 

Don’t judge. Not everyone was raised like you. Some people are rich, some are poor. Some kids grow up in houses without both parents or any parents. Some live in a place full of hate.  We do the best we can to provide for you emotionally and financially. What we can provide to you doesn’t make us better or worse than anyone else. It’s just our situation. 

Be responsible, take responsibility for your actions and your words.

Apologize if you are wrong.

Stand up for yourself and be strong

There are sore losers as well as winners. I’m not really sure which is worse at the moment

Everyone has an opinion and its ok for people to share them.

Protesting is a way for you to voice your opinion, but remember rioting and protesting are two completely different efforts.

Not everyone is going to agree with your opinion and you don’t have to agree with theirs. Be nice, you don’t have to be mean or hateful to get your point across.

Don’t be a bully, don’t bully a bully. It is ok to walk away, take the high road. Sometimes less words are better.

Don’t believe everything you are told, read, or see. Do your research before you take action.

Do what you can to help. Help your community, volunteer, donate. Help a neighbor.

You don’t have to pick a side

You always have a choice.

Most of all. LOVE. If we keep an open heart and an open mind, we treat others with respect and love, the world will come around. Do you part. LOVE

For all others reading this, I have an opinion, and just because it may not align with yours, doesn’t make it wrong. It doesn’t mean I’m against you or what you stand for. It also doesn’t mean that I am cheering for the other team. It’s just how I feel. This is not a reason to fight or to spread hate.

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