Daily Update

This working out thing isn’t going according to plan. Since I posted last, I have worked out everyday except for this past weekend. I started 21 day fix workouts, not the diet. The workouts really kicked my butt for the first few days but have been getting easier. The boys have also been working out with me, they are great motivators. I am a little disappointed though. I worked out, cut out the junk and the beer and I’m not noticing any changes. The scale was actually up a few pounds from where I started and I swear my clothes are even tighter. What’s a girl gotta do to get fit…discouraged.

I know there is no quick fix to getting healthy but I did expect to see some change, even something slight. I’ll keep pushing on. I have to. I can’t let my weight beat me. I’m so sick of feeling like crap and being fat.

On a happier note, Ruby and Johnny are flying out to watch the boys so Shawn and I can get away for a weekend. I’m so excited to spend some alone time with him. We have both been busy and stressed with work lately and it’s taking a toll on us as a family. It will be great to just relax and reconnect with my best friend.  I am nervous to leave the boys. I hate leaving them, they are my whole world. But, I’m sure they need a break from us too and they will enjoy their time without us.

In other news, yesterday was Ethan’s Birthday. I love that he so low key about his Birthday. He loves his it but just wants to celebrate with family. He doesn’t like to have parties and isn’t big on all the in-your-face attention! He used to cry when people sang Happy Birthday to him! It was the cutest, yet saddest thing ever! so instead we enjoyed a perfect family dinner, ate some delicious cake and opened gifts. Moments like these I will cherish forever.

Looking back through Ethan’s baby pictures really hit home. Our babies are growing up. It’s sad, yet, I’m happy for them. I’m excited for them to keep growing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

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