Christmas Cones

Growing up, my family always had a great time making wonderful Christmas tree ice cream cone snacks. I had forgotten all about them until a few years ago when I was thinking of Christmas themed snack ideas to do with my kids. I love making them, they are quick, easy, fun and delicious.  I had to change up the recipe a bit because of Eli’s corn allergy. I make my own icing instead of buying ready-made cake icing and I really should have different sprinkles and treats, however, his sensitivity is low, so he can tolerate some. I’ll get to that in a min!

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Please excuse my weirdo’s making silly faces!

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I like to take shortcuts and make stuff not as cool as what you might see on Pinterest, this is my family’s way of making these but there different variations all over the web!

You will need:

Ice Cream Sugar Cones (the pointy ones)- usually find these at the end of the ice cream isle
Icing – cake icing or easy homemade
food coloring – green
snacks – sprinkles, mini m&m’s, coconut shavings, crushed nuts (anything you would like to decorate your tree with)

How to:

if using store bought cake icing, put a few spoonfuls (or entire canister) in a mixing bowl

add green food coloring and start mixing, keep adding until you have reached your desired shade of green. I usually put about 10 or more (I squeeze the bottle a whole bunch and hope I like the color!)

take a kitchen knife or icing knife and spread a good amount of icing all over the cone until the outside of the cone is covered. I always make a huge mess and end up with more icing on the hand that is holding the cone. have fun, your hands should only be green for a day or two.

decorate – my boys put an entire mixture of sprinkles on a paper plate and then roll their tree on the mixture until covered. I attempt to carefully sprinkle and press in each individual candy in hopes for it to be a beautiful replica of those I see on Pinterest! It’s your choice on how creative, fancy, anal you want to be with it.

EAT- eat it now or save it for later, they keep ok in the fridge for a day but I usually make extra icing and make more the next day!

2015-12-05 18.24.58
Doesn’t look like a lot of icing, but a little goes a long way.

Homemade Icing – corn free – watch the ingredients you are using, read your labels and substitute with safe ingredients

4 tablespoons – Butter – room temp or soften (don’t melt)

2 cups – Powdered Sugar (organic not corn based)

2 tablespoons – milk

1/2 teaspoon (more if you like, I always add a splash more) vanilla – get the corn free kind

pinch of salt


If you have a stand mixer, I would suggest using that, put on your whip attachment. Place butter (butter only, no other ingredients yet, I have made this mistake and wasted ingredients) in bowl and whip until ‘fluffy, smooth’ (about 2-3 minutes, usually).  Slowly add in the remainder of the ingredients (and food coloring) and whip/beat until desired thickness (can’t have it sliding off the tree). I mixed mine for about 2 mins or so after adding all ingredients and it was perfect. This recipe will cover about 8-10 trees.

Have fun and enjoy!


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