About Me

The Life

Hi everyone, I’m Holli, a wife, mom, animal lover and I live in the gorgeous town of Longmont, CO.  I’m originally from the east coast and moved to CO in 2011. I love chocolate, candy and I’m crazy about Colorado beers. I don’t know a thing about hair, make up or home decorating, so if you are looking for how-to videos, this isn’t the place. I love hot baths and a glass of cheap wine. I struggle with being a working mom and wife and putting my hubby first. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and body issues.

I think that describes me pretty well, I believe most of us out there share similar struggles and I hope I can connect with some of you!  I don’t have a niche, I write about anything and everything and I hope you all enjoy it.

The Hubs

I am married to my soul mate Shawn, he is a genius, shhh… don’t tell him I said that. He is incredibly funny, super smart and has the best laugh! The love he gives to this family is beautiful and keeps me falling in love with him over and over. Shawn loves my ‘crazy’, not sure why but he keeps me steady and helps me through the bad days. I don’t think I would be able to live without him!

The Children

Auburn, the book worm that takes everything to heart and will do anything for anyone, such a kind soul, grounded and mature. Even as a child, she was like an adult trapped in a child’s body. I’m so jealous of how smart and wonderful she is!

Ashlyn, the sassy, spunky, diva, a true social butterfly, I don’t think she realizes how smart, talented and gorgeous she is, if she does, she doesn’t show it. Ashlyn has struggled the most with our blended family but I hope one day she can appreciate all that she has been through and how much she is loved.

Ethan, is very much like Auburn, the bookworm, artist, he has to please everyone and is a perfectionist, he is a true momma’s boy but also has low self-esteem. He needs reassurance that he is doing great and that I am proud of him. He is just like me, poor thing! Ethan and Auburn share a bond that I can’t explain, it’s amazing to see them together. It’s almost like they should have been twins. I don’t understand it but I’m so amazed and thankful for their bond. I hope they both appreciate it as they age!

Last but certainty not least is Eli! Eli, is just like Shawn, quick wit, jokester, and wise beyond his years. He has the biggest heart and genuine soul! Eli takes everything to heart, if he senses any anger or disappointment, it shows and it hurts. Eli will help anyone at anytime and doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body. He has his daddy’s heart! Eli also has the worst luck…EVER! I think he might have broken a mirror at some point.

The Pets

We also have 3 Shih Tzu’s that we breed and one orange tabby cat that hates everyone! I think he plots our death every night, but spares our lives only for food and treats. Our Shih Tzu’s are my babies, I spoiled them and it shows. Our one female is a complete diva but would she would do anything to protect us.

Our life is filled with hectic schedules, too many pets, laughter, love and even a few tears.

I hope you enjoy our page!